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Modern Theatre classes involve technical training of strong lines, leaps, jumps, turns and kicks. Styles explored include lyrical, contemporary and jazz, while ISTD Syllabus work is followed to give students the option of graded examinations. Further details here...

Our Ballet programme follows the world renowned ISTD Imperial Ballet syllabus. Classical technique and repertoire builds through progressive graded examinations which can be built upon to lead to formal teaching qualifications.

Hip Hop is a popular form of dance that comes under the umbrella of Street Dance.  Made popular by dance crews in America in the 1970's with breakin', poppin' and lockin' elements, hip hop crews have exploded in popularity. We are so excited to introduce a very special Boys Hip Hop class this year in our Aughrim venue!

Musical theatre– focusing on specifically training in musical theatre style production pieces which include singing, dance movement and acting. This class develops versatility in the arts as it focuses on combining the three main elements of performance arts. Open ages from 4yrs+.

Effective progressions make up this program focusing on the five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.  Developed with dance at the forefront AcroDance takes dancers through the skills needed for advanced choreography and current dance trends in the competitive and performance world.

Contemporary/ Lyrical classes are based on classical technique combined with leaps, turns, kicks, isolations and release work . Lyrical dance is fluid in nature, sometimes refered to as Jazz Ballet and is expressive and emotive. As a certified ID Company  School, we also work through a progressive syllabus of contemporary dance to develop dancers understanding of key foundations of movement.

Contemporary/ Lyrical
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Developing confidence and encouraging creativity and imagination, Drama modules incorporate improvisation, mime, script work, vocal training and acting skills.

Students will also learn from the Irish Board of Speech and Drama syllabus and be afforded opportunities to take graded examinations. We are thrilled to boast a 100% pass rate in IBSD examinations among ESPA students!

Mini Stars! is our very special introductory class for our very youngest performers. Combining dance, drama and singing children will explore multiple genres of performing arts. As they grow older with the school, this will then allow them to make informed decisions as to which path of performance they would like to follow and choose specialised classes in their chosen style.