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What is
All Star

ALL STAR CHEER & DANCE is still relatively new here in Ireland but we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Elevation All Stars, Cheer, Dance, Acro.

Recently recognised by the International Olympic Committee as an Olympic sport, Cheer is a team based sport based on safety and technique that is athletic, artistic and acrobatic in nature.


In team class, athletes will learn motions, tumbling, stunting, pyramids and dance techniques within their team groups based on the IASF levels and regulations. Classes are fast paced, high energy, team building and totally unique to Elevation as we introduce this exciting new branch!

Pom, Jazz and Lyrical coming soon! 

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Safety & Technique

When it comes to training athletes in Cheer, there can be no compromise on safety and technique for every member of the team. 

Elevation Teams learn in a positive and proactive environment, ensuring both physical safety and a mental stability through building trust and bonds between it's members. 


Athletes must bring a willingness to learn and a positive appoach to team work and compeitive spirit in order for any team to thrive. Through team building days, community participation activities and just plain fun, Elevation athletes will enjoy strong friendships and skills to last a lifetime!

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