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Aerial Arts & Triple A'S

Have you ever watched the acrobats in shows like Cirque du Soleil and wanted to soar high and free just like them?


Well now you can with the

ESPA Acro and Aerial Arts Programme!

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*Aerial Hoop is combined into our specialised 1.5hr Acro class for Laragh  students. Due to set up, Aughrim students will study hoop on a module basis every term within their Acro class.


Triple "A" Squad (Acro/ Cheer)

While we combine Aerial with the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, it is highly recommended that this syllabus is followed strictly with the dance training. 


As such ESPA also offers an add on Acro & Aerial DANCE class, known as our Squad class with our fantastic "Triple A's"- Acro & Aerial Artists. By enrolling in this class, students have the opportunity to compete and perform at international level on some of the most amazing stages!

As part of our Acro and Aerial Programme students in this class will be invited to take the add on Acro Squad class. This Squad class is designed specifically for students who wish to compete in competitions and avail of other performance opportunities. This is open to all Acro & Aerial Programme students upon achieving their foundation skills required as set out by ESPA and who wish to compete. Please note the Acro & Aerial Squad class is only for children enrolled in the Acro & Aerial Programme.

In some cases our Squads will also compete in Cheer competitions and All Star events. This will develop over time into ALL STAR TEAMS.

Blessington Cheer: Please note, the Blessington Cheer programmes require acro and tumbling abilities. Students at Junior level are required to take Acro class alongside their Cheer programme. Students in Youth will be required to take Acro from January though we recommend it from the outset. Acro is not compulsory for  Mini Cheer (although is recommended) but will become compulsory with progression.


The Benefits:

Students who train through Aerial Arts have balanced development, are strong, flexible and fearless. Progressing through each level will develop and transition students safely to the next levels. 

We are thrilled to have been the first teachers within Ireland to certify in this incredible programme and have developed a customised programme to take our students to the next level!

Come fly with us!

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