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Attire & In Class Policy

  • Children are asked to arrive to class dressed appropriately in leggings and leotards or leggings and close fitting t shirt. Boys should wear black jazz pants or track suit bottoms and t shirt.

  • Bare feet or jazz shoes should be worn in class. Socks should be brought as sections of some classes require sock feet.

  • No jeans, boots or sandals.

  • Long hair should be tied back away from the face.

  • If your child arrives to class after class has already commenced, please send the child into class fully prepared with their drink and tissues. Parents are asked to acknowledge the teacher at the door but not to enter the class at this time to avoid distraction to the other children in the class.

  • All students should bring a drink and pack of tissues to class with them. Hand sanitizers are available in the class at all times.





  • Term fees are due on the first day of term, classes may not be paid by the week.

  • A reminder of new term fees will be sent home with each student prior to the start of the new term.

  • Families who have two or more siblings registered with EDS are granted a discount on term fees.

  • On very rare occasions classes may have to be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness or from time to time for Continued professional development of teachers or performances. Cancelled classes are non- refundable and will be made up at a later date which may be during the mid-term break.





  • Please ensure the teacher is aware of any possible illnesses/ conditions upon registration of your child. If your child requires medication for a condition, please give the teacher written notification and consent if medication should be required to be administered during class ie/ asthma inhalers, Epipen,  fast acting glucose for diabetics etc.

  • Similarly, please state any allergies to anaesthetic wipes or treatment creams should they be required for minor cuts or grazes in class.

  • Please notify the teacher if there is an absence of two or more weeks.

  • Due to the nature of dance, please be aware that on occasion, physical contact may be required to clarify verbal instruction.

  • Please be aware of the possible risks, including dizziness, cramps, nausea, muscle or joint injury.





  • Bullying of any type within the class will not be tolerated. Provided it is proven, students who are found to be bullying other students will be asked to leave the class.

  • Mobile phones should be turned off during classes.

  • Chewing gum is not acceptable on the premises.

  • We reserve the right to send a child home without refund if there is continual breach of rules.

  • Students and parents are expected to behave in a respectful manner. Any aggressive or threatening behaviour  towards other students, staff or parents within the school setting will result in immediate  termination of membership for the attending child.



  • All medical conditions/illnesses/allergies should be stated on the registration form.

  • It is helpful to acknowledge if your child has any learning cognitive or social difficulties to allow us to improve their experience with any adaptations required.

  • Mobile phone numbers and email addresses are needed for every member family for emergency purposes and in order to receive class updates and reminders. One parent/Guardian will be added to a WhatsApp group per class attended by their child.

  • Upon registration for classes, Parents/Guardians will be given a link to sign up to our online Parent's Portal in order to book classes, pay fees, view school policies and see class times.

  • Classes will be subject to minimum numbers



  • The teacher is responsible for the students in the class only.

  • All children attending classes must be fully toilet trained.

  • Children eligible for exams of any kind are not obliged to do so by ESPA. Exams are fully optional. If a teacher decides to put a student forward as an exam candidate, parents should then choose if they wish to continue with the exam process and reasonably manage the student’s expectations of their results.

  • Please note that the ESPA Child Protection Policy is available to look over at classes.

  • Elevation School of Performing Arts is fully insured.

  • Teachers are Garda vetted and certified in First Aid.


  • As a member or participant  in ESPA  classes , all students/ parents/guardians are aware that participating in dance, gymnastic activities and acrobatic dance involves inherent risks and hazards. All participants freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, property damage, or loss resulting from such risks and hazards.

  • ESPA does not accept responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to property save to the extent that it result from the negligence of the teacher or ESPA employees.

  • By signing up to our classes , all members accept the terms as laid out in this policy.

  • If the emergency contact listed in a member’s registration cannot be contacted, the registering Parent/Guardian authorises Elevation to seek medical services in case of serious injury or illness.


I hereby grant ESPA permission to use my/my child’s likeness in photographs and video. These images may appear in publications, promotional material, internal staff training manuals and on the internet in association with ESPA. No names will ever be used. I understand and agree that these images will become the property of ESPA and I hereby irrevocable authorize ESPA to edit, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute.




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