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“Student” refers to all Dancers, Acrobats, Cheerleaders and Athletes enrolled in the Elevation programme.

“Elevation” refers to the overall school of Elevation School of Performing Arts, and its subsidiary Cheer programme, Elevation All Stars.  


  • Upon registration, Parents/Guardians will be sent a link to our registration form and Welcome Pack. Following this you will receive a link to our online Parent’s Portal where you can pay fees, view school policies, see class times and request to be added to additional classes.

  • All medical conditions/illnesses/allergies should be stated on the registration form which can be accessed on your child’s profile on the Parent's Portal and through your Welcome Pack Registration.

  • It is helpful to acknowledge if your child has any learning,cognitive or social difficulties to allow us to improve their experience with any adaptations required. The Elevation program aims to be inclusive and open to the wider community.

  • Mobile phone numbers and email addresses are needed for every Parent/Guardian of Elevation members for emergency purposes and in order to receive class updates and reminders.

  • Classes will be subject to minimum numbers

  • Unless otherwise stated under your child’s medical notes it will be taken as consent to medical treatment from a professional healthcare worker, ambulance crew or hospitalisation should the need arise within the class setting. 

  • Photography/ Videography in class for promotional purposes and as learning aids may occur from time to time. At no point will children's names be mentioned. If you do not wish your child to be photographed you must make note of this in General Notes, under your child’s profile on the Parent's Portal. You must then confirm this change via email to

  • By registering your child to any Elevation program or class, you are confirming that you have read this document and all policies in full, and agree that all decisions made by Elevation management relating to the program are final and that you will abide by all policies of the Elevation program.



  • Term fees are due on the first day of term, classes may not be paid by the week.

  • Places cannot be held for those who do not register or pay on time. Failure of parents to be aware of these dates and make payments on time could result in places being lost. The school is not responsible for notifying parents of the payment dates regularly- they will be advised before a new term starts.

  • Elevation now runs on a strict "no fees, no train" policy. Failure to pay fees on time will mean that your child will not be allowed to participate in class, please do not send them to class if fees are not paid. If anyone misses 3 or more classes without contacting Elevation we will presume they have left and their place will have to be reviewed.

  • A payment plan policy is available in which term fees can be broken into 4 separate payments. The full balance of fees must be paid by week 4 of classes and no later.

  • A reminder of new term fees will be sent home prior to the start of the new term.

  • Term fees must be paid in full and in their entirety. Regardless of holidays, injury, illness, or any other cause for non-attendance, fees will not be refunded, partially paid or carried over.

  • Families who have two or more siblings registered with Elevation are granted a discount on term fees.

  • On very rare occasions classes may have to be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness or from time to time for Continued Professional Development of teachers or performances. Cancelled classes are non- refundable and will be made up at a later date which may be during the mid-term break.

  • Class fees are non-transferrable to other classes or other students. 

  • If fees/insurance are more than 3 weeks overdue you will be sent a reminder. Fees must be paid the following week.  If they are not we cannot accept students into class so please ensure fees are paid or payment options are organised with the school to avoid any disappointment or embarrassment both for the student and the teacher. In the case that a late payment is permitted, a late registration fee of €10 will be incurred.

  • In the event that your child is not returning to classes please let us know ASAP as we have large interest in places and have lengthy waiting lists. If you do not register on time for the next term and do not contact us to discuss the possibility of a late payment, we will assume that your child’s place is no longer required.

  • Competition/Performance fees cannot be refunded, once a parent commits for their child to attend a competition/performance, the fee must be paid to Elevation. Failure to pay a competition/performance fee on time may result in a child being unable to attend the event.

  • Any outstanding fees must be paid in full before registration will be accepted for a new term. 

  • If your child is being sent to class with a childminder/other parent fees must be sent in an envelope with your child's name on it no later than week 4



  • Please ensure the teacher is aware of any possible illnesses/ conditions upon registration of your child. If your child requires medication for a condition, please give the teacher written notification and consent if medication should be required to be administered during class ie/ asthma inhalers, Epipen, fast acting glucose for diabetics etc.

  • Similarly, please state any allergies to anaesthetic wipes or treatment creams should they be required for minor cuts or grazes in class.

  • Please notify the teacher if there is an absence of two or more weeks.

  • Due to the nature of dance, please be aware that on occasion, physical contact may be required to clarify verbal instruction. Coaches and Teachers are trained in appropriate contact and spotting technique to retain the dignity and respect of students and teachers alike.

  • Please be aware of the possible risks, including dizziness, cramps, nausea, muscle or joint injury.

  • Any pre-existing injuries (obtained outside dance class) must be disclosed to a teacher. Similarly, any injuries sustained within a class must be reported to a teacher at the time of the incident so that proper procedures and treatment can be followed.



  • Bullying of any type within the class will not be tolerated. Provided it is proven, students who are found to be bullying other students will be asked to leave the class and could result in immediate expulsion from Elevation.

  • Mobile phones should be turned off during classes. Students may not photograph and film any other student or coach on the premises.

  • Chewing gum is not acceptable on the premises.

  • We reserve the right to send a child home without refund if there is continual breach of rules.

  • Students and parents are expected to behave in a respectful manner. Any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards other students, staff members or parents within the school setting will be considered a policy violation and will result in immediate termination of membership for the attending child without refund.

  • Social Media- All athletes agree to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and dignified on social platforms and the internet. Anything that goes on the internet does not go away and we advise all students and parents to be mindful of what they post. Videos and photos may only be taken by coaches for use online or offline, for educational, promotional or otherwise specified reasons. Students may not post any footage from within classes. ​


  • Children are asked to arrive to class dressed appropriately.

Dance: leggings and leotards or leggings and close fitting t shirt. Boys should wear black jazz pants, shorts or slim track suit bottoms and t shirt.

Cheer: Team shirt and black shorts

Acro: Black leotard, black shorts, tan tights.

  • Footwear: Bare feet or jazz shoes (Modern). Bare feet, Gymnastics slippers, non slip socks (Acro & Aerial). Ballet slippers (Ballet), White Cheer runners or indoor runners in non-competitive (Cheer)

  • No jeans, boots or sandals are permitted in classes.

  • Hair should be tied back away from the face.

  • If your child arrives to class after class has already commenced, please send the child into class fully prepared with their drink. Parents are asked to acknowledge the teacher at the door but not to enter the class at this time to avoid distraction to the other children in the class.

  • All students should bring a drink to class with them. Hand sanitizers are available in the class at all times.



  • The teacher is responsible for the students registered in the class only. 

  • All children attending classes must be fully toilet trained.

  • Children eligible for exams of any kind are not obliged to do so by ESPA. Exams are fully optional. If a teacher decides to put a student forward as an exam candidate, parents should then choose if they wish to continue with the exam process and reasonably manage the student’s expectations of their results.

  • Full details of our Child Safeguarding Policy is available on the Parent’s Portal.

  • Collection & Drop Off Policy-

  1. Children must be dropped/collected to and from the main foyer or specified collection point (side door of Main Hall in Blessington and Aughrim/ Back door of Laragh). Parents are not permitted to enter the training area unless invited by a coach.

  2. Children should not enter a class on their own more than 5 minutes prior to a class start time

  3. If there are changes to the appropriate adult who will be collecting a student, please inform coaches upon drop off. It is your responsibility to ensure your child is aware of the arrangement.

  4. Elevation is not responsible for a student travelling to or from the venue. Athletes who walk/cycle or take public transport to the venue do so solely by parent/guardian permission and at their responsibility.


  • As a member or participant in Elevation classes , all students/ parents/guardians are aware that participating in dance, gymnastic activities, aerial and acrobatic dance involves inherent risks and hazards. All participants freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, property damage, or loss resulting from such risks and hazards.

  • ESPA does not accept responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to property save to the extent that it result from the negligence of the teacher or ESPA employees.

  • By signing up to the parents portal on Sixtech Software, all members accept the terms as laid out in this policy and of all ESPA Policies.

  • Members hereby release, waive and discharge claims, losses, or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills, theft, or damage of  any kind, including economic losses due to strikes, closures, pandemics which may in the future arise out of or related to my participation in or my traveling to and from all related Elevation events.

  • If the emergency contact listed in a member’s registration cannot be contacted, the registering   Parent/Guardian authorises Elevation to seek medical services in case of serious injury or illness.

  • Please note that the following ESPA Policies are available to look over at classes


~Child Protection Policy

~Child Safeguarding Statement

~Code of Professional Conduct

~Health and Safety Policy

~Healthcare Statement

~School Policy

~Covid-19 Policies


  • Elevation School of Performing Arts is fully insured

  • All staff have the Tusla Safeguarding course "Children First" completed and are Garda vetted.

  • All teachers are certified in First Aid.

  • All Head teachers are fully qualified and up to date members with the ISTD. All coaches are certified in Levels 1-3 with BGU and BCA. Go to for full details of faculty qualifications and biographies.

  • All teachers and coaches continually attend CPD training and upskilling courses.

  • ESPA is registered with IMRO and PPI for music rights and usage



 Updated:  August 2023




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