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At ESPA we pride ourselves on delivering top quality classes in a safe and nurturing environment for students from 3 1/2 years upwards. We believe in making classes accessible to the whole community, supporting students in the arts whatever their long term goal- be it a career in performance, teaching, or simply as a weekly recreational hobby ,all the while growing friendships and having fun! The main aim of ESPA is to nurture development and learning in a positive and safe environment.

Students of ESPA have the opportunity to take part in multiple performances throughout the year including the Christmas and annual Summer Shows. Further to performance options, we also offer graded exams in Modern Theatre dance and Ballet through the ISTD & IBDP as well as Irish Board of Speech and Drama exams. Our Triple A'S and our Pre- Professional Programmes offer students opportunities to compete and perform at International level. Hip Hop and Musical Theatre classes are very popular with a fantastic teaching faculty of highly trained teachers.


Our high energy classes are taught in a relaxed atmosphere to help improve balance, flexibility & technique as well as improving social skills, body awareness and confidence with students being given the opportunity to express their own individuality and creativity.

Childhood is an ideal time to enter into the world of dance, a creative and expressive art form, where dance teachers and parents can nurture their development, and implement foundations for strong values such as a healthy lifestyle, socialisation with peers, positive self esteem and development of identity and creativity.

Classes are available to students from 3½  years of age to Adults and cater for all ages and abilities.

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